Home Made Organic Soap For Sensitive and Dry Skin

May 6, 2014 Home made body productsHomemade FreshnessHomemade Gifts

To suffer from a sensitive or dry skin is no pleasure. Even more frustrating is when you spend a lot of money on soap that promises to be beneficial or that will solve your problem overnight. In our opinion, there is not really a cure for sensitive or dry skin, but the symptoms can be treated and controlled for sure. Many factors play a role, like your diet and plainly, the composition of your own skin, from birth or for others the external irritants like washing powder, certain fabric and a whole list of external substances. Like most skin products, it is a matter of testing until you find what works for you, focusing on as little irritants as possible. When using soaps for sensitive or dry skin, look for soaps that contain no or little sulfate. Sulfate is the substance that makes a soap foamy, this is also what dries out the skin. To remove as little as possible natural oils from your skin, is key.

We searched around for soap recipes that will hopefully be of some relieve to you beca...

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Make-up Tools

March 21, 2014 Handy HintsHome Made Make-upMake-up accessories

by Jangwa Rose

Applying make-up for day or night can look professional when using the right utensils.
Of course the more you practice the more professional it will appear.
A lot of celebrities do there own make-up before a photo shoot or event or even on set.
Because a lot of them, by this time know what suite them best and how to enhance there look.
The secret about make-up is to create a palette of blended lines emphasising your best assets.
Using a few basic make-up tools can make a difference between plain and professional.
Take a look at the following brushes we have explored to make you stand out from the crowd.

The Eye shadow

Use the round and beveled edged eye shadow brush to apply color on the eye lids.  Always shake off access make-up before applying to prevent it from landing on your cheeks or under your eyes.

Blending and CreaseThe Blending Brush

This brush comes as a round-tipped brush, as the name suggests, it is your tool for blending all your eye colors together so that there are ...

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Home Made Daring Remedies Continue…

December 13, 2013 Handy HintsHome made body productsNatural Ingredients

by Jangwa Rose

With the previous article on home made daring remedies, we got so excited about the challenge it brought forward,
that we decided to add a few more challenges to our list.
Brighten up your day and try out the following daring recipes with exciting ingredients.
See the results and dare someone else to try it out too!
No need to spend a lot of money or time to add some excitement to your daily routine or taking what you have
to create wonderful new home made natural products.
Some of you might think you will not waste your energy to try this out, and some might think, why haven’t you tried it
a lot sooner.
Try these out and find what works for you to get the adventurous blood flowing!
In most cases you would naturally like to compare home made products with what is on the market.
And most of the time it is exactly these natural ingredients that is being used, except, most of the time with added
harmful ingredients.
So, these might not be so daring, after all.
However, we...

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